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How open innovation will transform the Great British pound

Farewell to the pound coin’s familiar golden nugget design. Here comes the dough-decagon in its stead. The new 12-sided quid, modelled after the old threepenny bit, got plenty of attention this week. But the most interesting part of the design is what was left out. The flipside of the coin will be opened to a public design competition. Continue reading

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Reinventing the firm: The trailblazers building a new kind of business

THE government’s plans for a more diverse banking sector are looking increasingly threadbare, a reminder that politicians just aren’t very good at discovering or implementing solutions of this kind. Continue reading

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Three technological earthquakes are breaking up businesses for the better

WE LIVE in extraordinary times. Robots are cleaning floors, accompanying soldiers into battle and just starting to drive our cars. Artificial intelligence is turning phones into personal assistants. The internet is connecting more of us than ever, in more ways than ever. For all the economic gloom, remarkable technologies are transforming our lives for the better every day.

Sometimes, the true scale of that change can be hard to process. Here are three examples that help remind me of how familiar business models are being torn up and reimagined. Continue reading

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