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Peter Thiel Talks Trump, Authenticity and Pro Wrestling

Was Trump real in a way that his opponents couldn’t match?

“Maybe pro wrestling is one of the most real things we have in our society and what’s really disturbing is that the other stuff is much more fake. And whatever the superficialities of Mr. Trump might be, he was more authentic than the other politicians. He sort of talked in a way like ordinary people talk. It was not sort of this Orwellian newspeak jargon that so many of the candidates use. So he was sort of real. He actually wanted to win.”

Via, as Trump would say, the failing New York Times.

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Back to the future: Private enterprise has got us racing into space again

IT TOOK less than one human lifespan, just 66 years, for humankind to go from our first powered flight to landing a man on the moon. But in the last decade we’ve given up on supersonic flight and grounded the space shuttle forever. There are no jetpacks zipping across the City skyline. Whatever happened to the future we were promised? Continue reading

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Innovation alarm bells should not be ignored

THERE has been a running controversy in the Forum this week about the rate of technological innovation. After an article by Norman Lewis argued that too much praise for Steve Jobs was a distraction from the importance of truly revolutionary scientific discoveries and world-shaping technological breakthoughs, readers have enthusiastically joined the debate, arguing both sides. Continue reading

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