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The Paralympics should remind us that technology liberates human potential

OSCAR Pistorius’s comments after losing the final of the 200m were a reminder that the elite athletes competing in the Paralympics don’t just have keep themselves in peak physical condition, but also watch that their rivals don’t run away with any technological edge. It is the skill and speed of athletes like Pistorius, and now Alan Oliviera, that captivates the crowds, but it’s a thrill that rests too on ingenuity and excellence in engineering: the latest materials in the smartest combinations. Continue reading

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The untamed imagination remains at the heart of true business success

MAURICE Sendak, the groundbreaking author of Where The Wild Things Are died this week, leaving the world a tamer place. Sendak wrote books for children, but his influence has been far wider and deeper, reaching from Spike Jonze’s recent blockbuster film to many adult authors. His art was distinguished by both courage and originality. He refused, above all, to sugarcoat the experience of childhood. The result was a body of work with a wild strangeness at its heart –a useful reminder to all of us that the world is less tame than the images we tend to make of it. Continue reading

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