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Is Trump the New Reagan?

This intriguing piece by Henry Olsen argues the case for Trump as a return to Reaganite principles — so long as you focus on Reagan’s use of the state not just his understanding of its limits.


If you are impressed by Trump’s winning power, you might like my new book because it is explains how he does it and how you can too.


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Margaret Thatcher knew that freedom never comes cheap

It was fitting that, turning to Twitter for immediate reaction to Baroness Thatcher’s passing, one of the first responses I read was from the Polish minister of foreign affairs Radoslaw Sikorski: “Lady Thatcher, fearless champion of liberty, stood up for captive nations, helped free world win the Cold War. Deserves statue in Poland.”

Our memories of the Iron Lady have yet to season into history. The truth, sometimes easier to see from outside these shores, is that Thatcher was not just a revolutionary Prime Minister for the UK, she helped alter the course of world history. Continue reading

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