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Britain needs a principled voice like Rand Paul’s to shame our cynical elite

IN FRANK Capra’s classic 1939 film Mr Smith Goes To Washington, James Stewart plays junior senator Jefferson Smith, a man who finds himself at odds with a corrupt political establishment. In the famous climax, Smith tries to prove his innocence by staging a filibuster, talking for hour after hour in a monologue that reaffirms American liberty and tries to expose the machinations of his opponents.

This week, a US politician reenacted the iconic sequence for real, accompanied by a chorus of popular support playing out live on twenty-first-century social networks. Rand Paul, the junior senator for Kentucky, stood for 13 hours to delay the appointment of John Brennan as head of the CIA. Brennan is a key architect of President Obama’s controversial drone strike policy, which claims the right to kill US citizens without due process even on American soil. Continue reading

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Voice of a new political rhetoric highlights the need for intellectual humility

There was an important speech in America this week, and it wasn’t made by Barack Obama. The President’s State of the Union address was, once again, a conventional recitation of the technocrat’s creed: state intervention can solve almost everything, so long as smart people like me make it smarter. Continue reading

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