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Trott on Trump: Playing Chess with a Pigeon

The reliably excellent Dave Trott on Trump’s ability to win by refusing to play the game.

“Hillary thought she would win by playing chess better than a pigeon.

But ordinary people were sick of the chess game.

It seemed to them like double-speak that ignored the real facts of their lives.”


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How to Change the World

I saw someone save his own life today.

Some things happen slowly, but conversion can be fast. That moment when someone’s entire frame of mind changes and they can’t continue to act as they did before.

When someone walks into the office and you’re not sure if it’s their twin.

The formal word for it is metanoia.

If people are stuck in the wrong mindset, these moments are how they save their lives, all at once.

And when they save themselves, they create more space to save others too.

If you can change people’s minds, you can change the world.

We don’t think enough about how that happens. We forget it’s even possible.

But it’s real. I saw it today.

Here’s Scott Adams on the art of persuasion. Self-recommending.

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Personal warmth is as important as intellectual steel

IT IS a curious truth of human discourse that the possession of powerful arguments is useless if your personal manner undercuts your own case. To the attentive ear, shrill, self-righteous or, worst of all, humourless voices condemn the speaker, and there is no court of appeal. Our instinct knows that, whatever lines of apparently ineluctable logic such a voice may weave before us, there is a crack in its argument somewhere, through which humanity has leaked out. Continue reading

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