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Steve Jobs made the right call: Apple’s ingenious iPhone turns five today

FIVE years ago, the makers of BlackBerry didn’t believe the iPhone was possible. According to a former employee, they held internal meetings on 10 January 2007, the day after the unveiling but six months before it went on sale on 29 June, arguing that Apple was fudging the truth: it was simply impossible for a device that was almost all touchscreen to work on battery power. Continue reading

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A lesson from the age of the dinosaurs: Big isn’t beautiful in the long run

Asteroids happen, and being big won’t save you. In our current world of apocalyptic economic threats, that’s a lesson that seems worth re-learning. The latest version comes in a fascinating study of the fate of the dinosaurs from the University of Zurich and the Zoological Society of London. The paper’s abstract explains that the study offers a mechanism for “how mammals and birds, but not dinosaurs, were able to persist beyond the K–T boundary”, which is the infamous geological layer associated with the end of the dinosaurs and the beginning of the rise of our mammalian ancestors. Continue reading

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