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Ghosts in the Bauhaus: Glimpsing the human face behind modernism’s mask

THE Barbican’s new Bauhaus exhibition is full of ghosts. These early twentieth-century disciples of modernism are renowned for furniture as coolly perfect as an equation, but it is the human messiness of achievement that haunts every room. A chair that takes the breath away is posed between half-finished student exercises, invitations to parties and dozens of photographs of the German design school’s members eating, playing and working. It’s a reminder that permanent achievement – in design and elsewhere – is never a sterile process, but a living conversation between creative minds as they grapple with their materials. Continue reading

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Don’t let retrospective rules put out the lights

THE laws of physics have apparently been reinstated. The suggestion from Cern at the end of last year that neutrinos could travel faster than light sent our models of the universe atremble – but Cern, having turned everything off and on again, now puts the effect down to some faulty wiring. Continue reading

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