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Kickstarting a new relationship between art and business

WHO WANTS to come into space with me? Thanks to Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, that is not a rhetorical question. I’m backing the Arkyd project, which is seeking $1m to launch a small space telescope into orbit. It has already raised more than $890,000, putting it on course to be fully-funded by its deadline on 30 June. If it hits its target, some time in August 2015 I will upload a digital photo to the Arkyd’s screen, where my image will hang against the backdrop of space as the moment is photographed for posterity. Continue reading

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In defence of the middleman: There is more to intermediaries than fees

KICKSTARTER just won an Oscar. This year’s prize for best short documentary went to crowdfunded Inocente. More than 290 backers contributed $50,000 (£32,900) to pay for its post-production.

Around one in 10 of the films at last year’s Cannes film festival were crowdfunded, but it is far more than a great new way to raise financing for art projects. Jeff Lynn’s FSA-regulated Seedrs is aggregating seed capital for startups through its online platform, and Petridish lets scientific researchers bid for backers.

But there is also a danger in the crowdfunding goldrush. At least part of its attraction stems from a false dream: the elimination of middlemen. Continue reading

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