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The ladder of innovation means ever more low-hanging fruit

Hardnosed business sense can improve charitable outcomes. That should be obvious enough, but it is a story that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

How cheering then to read this week of the difference Toyota made to the efficiency of New York’s food banks by sharing its commitment to kaizen, or continuous improvement. Continue reading

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Three messages to warm your spirits during the hectic Christmas period

A HECTIC round of after-work parties and shopping, interspersed with a few brief moments wondering where the year went. Then a frenzy of unwrapping, a battle in the kitchen with a recalcitrant turkey, the family lunch, a silly game, a surreptitious snooze in the middle of Pirates of the Caribbean. Christmas has its routines, but every year need not be the same. Here are three things that shouldn’t be missing from your list this festive season. Continue reading

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How to give like a businessman: The lesson of Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth

THIS week’s announcement that British venture capitalist Michael Moritz has given £75m to Oxford University is a welcome reminder of the great contribution that many in the financial services industry continue to make to worthy causes, either in public or behind the scenes. Moritz’s gift will support scholarships for the poorest students. In so doing, he joins the likes of hedge fund billionaire Arpad Busson and his Absolute Return for Kids charity and Lord Stanley Fink, the former Man Group chief executive, who donates 30 per cent of his income every year to charity, and City A.M., which raised £1.5m in its 2011 Christmas appeal. Continue reading

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