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Why Britain needs its own Breaking Bad

Britain needs better liars. Having lost our tolerance for taking reality straight up, we need a more palatable way to swallow hard truths. And for this, truth sugared by fiction looks like the best option we have left. Continue reading

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Three reasons why I love America (apart from my wife)

BRITS have too little time for America. Perhaps it is lingering resentment at losing a colony. Perhaps it is the narcissism of minor differences. Either way, snobbery towards our transatlantic cousins is one of the few prejudices that remains politically correct – sneering at the land of gun rights, big burgers and blaring ads is practically a national sport.

I’m biased the other way, having married a tea-drinking American expat with a taste for European ecclesial architecture. But spending last weekend in Concord, Massachusetts for a friend’s wedding was a welcome reminder of three reasons America’s commercial republic still deserves Britain’s respect. Continue reading

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Five reasons to raise a glass in Thanksgiving for our commercial society

BLESSED with a wife born in America, Thanksgiving is a festival I am learning to celebrate. In grim economic times, it is easy to focus only the negative. But we still enjoy the rare good fortune to live, for the most part, in peace and under liberty. Freedoms of association, speech, trade, and faith enrich our lives every day. Albeit a day late, tonight I will be raising a thankful glass with my friends to these five blessings of our commercial society: Continue reading

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