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Nassim Taleb Talks Trump: Why Taking Down Pseudo-Experts Isn’t Fascism

“The real problem is the ‘faux-expert problem’, one who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and assumes he knows what people think. An electrician doesn’t have that problem.”

Read the whole thing:

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Our Friend, The Nation?

Interesting essay out of National Review on beneficial nationalism. In these new times, untangling small state thinking from the necessity of nations may be the most important game in town.

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How To Win Like Trump: Free Extract

Here is a free sample of my new book — currently at number 11 in its category and with a five star review. Read now and start winning today.

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Gingrich Talks Trump

Interesting throughout, especially on the idea of Trump as a watershed moment, and how that makes it a moment to supply the incoming administration with watershed ideas.

Also interesting that Gingrich is going to write more on Trump. He evidently sees it as a good field to be in.

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Jamie Dimon Talks Trump

“I think it’s a reset moment for how businesses are going to be treated: 145 million people work in America; 125 million of them work for private enterprise; 20 million work for government—firemen, sanitation, police, teachers. We hold them in very high regard. But you know, if you didn’t have the 125 you couldn’t pay for the other 20. Business is a huge positive element in society. But for years it’s been beaten down as if we’re terrible people. So I think it’s a good reset.”

Worth a read.

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How to Change the World

I saw someone save his own life today.

Some things happen slowly, but conversion can be fast. That moment when someone’s entire frame of mind changes and they can’t continue to act as they did before.

When someone walks into the office and you’re not sure if it’s their twin.

The formal word for it is metanoia.

If people are stuck in the wrong mindset, these moments are how they save their lives, all at once.

And when they save themselves, they create more space to save others too.

If you can change people’s minds, you can change the world.

We don’t think enough about how that happens. We forget it’s even possible.

But it’s real. I saw it today.

Here’s Scott Adams on the art of persuasion. Self-recommending.

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Robots are Stealing our Eyeballs

First they came for our jobs, now the bots have started to hijack our reading. 

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