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This is what American carnage looks like 

Shocking overview of America’s opioid crisis.

“There have always been drug addicts in need of help, but the scale of the present wave of heroin and opioid abuse is unprecedented. Fifty-two thousand Americans died of overdoses in 2015—about four times as many as died from gun homicides and half again as many as died in car accidents. Pawtucket is a small place, and yet 5,400 addicts are members at Anchor. Six hundred visit every day. Rhode Island is a small place, too. It has just over a million people. One Brown University epidemiologist estimates that 20,000 of them are opioid addicts—2 percent of the population.

“Salisbury, Massachusetts (pop. 8,000), was founded in 1638, and the opium crisis is the worst thing that has ever happened to it. The town lost one young person in the decade-long Vietnam War. It has lost fifteen to heroin in the last two years. Last summer, Huntington, West Virginia (pop. 49,000), saw twenty-eight overdoses in four hours. Episodes like these played a role in the decline in U.S. life expectancy in 2015. The death toll far eclipses those of all previous drug crises.

“And yet, after five decades of alarm over threats that were small by comparison, politicians and the media have offered only a muted response. A willingness at least to talk about opioid deaths (among other taboo subjects) surely helped Donald Trump win last November’s election. In his inaugural address, President Trump referred to the drug epidemic (among other problems) as “carnage.” Those who call the word an irresponsible exaggeration are wrong.”

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Trump’s Extraordinary New Executive Order

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March 8, 2017 · 9:00 am

Word of the Day: Roboreous

Roboreous:Oaklike“Trump stood roboreous, unswayed in the storm of insults.”

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When Anti-Trump Becomes Paranoia

When your assumptions fail, you can either try to mend the gaps in your thinking with a spot of epistemic humility or you can double down on paranoid conspiracy theories.

Guess which option the American left has picked?

All credit to Buzzfeed for highlighting the Alex Jones-ification of the Democrats.

“I don’t want to add to the conspiratorial musings of so many about this very conspiratorial administration, but it strikes me there may be something worrying going on here,” he concluded.

Behind The Rise Of The Anti-Trump Twitter Conspiracy Theorists

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The Financial Times Talks Trump: How To Dress To Distress 

An entertaining attack on Trump’s plan to control the appearance of White House employees from the FT:

But as the writer lays into the appearance of Trump’s team with gleeful abandon, she can’t help noticing the power of weird outfits to humanise and to make you stand out.

To understand how that works, and how you can make use of it as well, you should read my book How To Win Like Trump.

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Is Trump the New Reagan?

This intriguing piece by Henry Olsen argues the case for Trump as a return to Reaganite principles — so long as you focus on Reagan’s use of the state not just his understanding of its limits.

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Nassim Taleb Talks Trump: Why Taking Down Pseudo-Experts Isn’t Fascism

“The real problem is the ‘faux-expert problem’, one who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and assumes he knows what people think. An electrician doesn’t have that problem.”

Read the whole thing:

If you like this, try my new book How To Win Like Trump:

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Today’s Quote: 27 February 2017

“Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over.”

—Ernest Hemingway

If you enjoyed this, you might like my new book. It’s plain speaking. People are saying it’s pretty well-constructed, too.

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How To Win Like Trump: Free Extract

Here is a free sample of my new book — currently at number 11 in its category and with a five star review. Read now and start winning today.

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Glenn Reynolds Talks Trump

UPDATE: Glenn linked to my book

It is still free in Kindle Unlimited. Or otherwise 0.99 cents, as the free offer ran out this morning (full price should be $3.99, I’ve cut it as low as possible). But if anyone wants a free copy today (25/1/2017) they can email me at with Instadeal in the subject line. M

I can’t believe I missed the unfailingly brilliant Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit discussing Trump’s war with the media on the BBC. But his (rare) long blogpost on the topic is well worth it.

“They’re taking the bait because they think he’s dumb, and impulsive, and lacking self-control — but he’s the one causing them to act in ways that are dumb and impulsive, and demonstrate lack of self-control.”

And this, which is definitely my clause of the week:

“but there are a lot of scarily competent guys out there in the world who like white and gold furniture.”

Read the whole thing. Seriously:

And if you like that, you might enjoy my new book, How To Win Like Trump, which teaches you how to use Trump’s winning tactics yourself. It’s free on Amazon — but only until tomorrow. Click below to go straight to the right page on your local store.

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