Hero in a monocle

“The best answer to Friedrich Nietzsche we’ve managed yet to come up with is the prose of P. G. Wodehouse.”


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When heroes wore skis

I’ll be in Norway cross-country skiing this weekend. In honour of which, here are some real life heroes on cross-country skis…


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Bethlehem Remembered

This one was backwards to begin with.
A breech birth, signifying greatness and
Disdain towards it. A star blazing
That odd, pre-natal horoscope.
Herod promised to fund our research.
He seemed kind, though peer review
Has since indicated doubt.

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Today’s Quote: Chesterton on swimming upstream

A dead thing goes with the stream, but only a living thing goes against it.

GK Chesterton

If you like going against the current, you might enjoy my book.

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Today’s Quote: Mises on cosmopolitan nationalism

“…nationalism does not clash with cosmopolitanism, for the unified nation does not want discord with neighboring peoples, but peace and friendship.”

Ludwig von Mises

If you like surprising takes, you might like my book.

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100 Days of How To Win Like Trump

It’s 100 days since I launched my book How To Win Like Trump — and it’s free until tomorrow.

More than 1,000 people downloaded a copy yesterday, putting it at number one in two categories and inside the top 200 of all books on Kindle.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 21.55.20

Join in!

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Today’s Quote: Bernard Shaw on Money

“That is the use of money: it enables us to get what we want instead of what other people think we want.”

George Bernard Shaw

From this excellent Canadian defence of property rights by John Robson. He notes the irony of Shaw the socialist being the source of this quote. Read the whole thing. A great illustration of common Anglosphere values.

My book can also be bought with money.

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