I champion public transparency, you publish fake news

The physicist/investor/Kung Fu Panda fan-theorist Eric Weinstein has used thisnyear’s Edge.org question to suggest Russell conjugation as a scientific concept that should be more widely known.

Russell conjugation occurs when the emotional connotation of the way we describe an activity depends on who is doing it. For instance, when we cut friends more slack than foes. The way “I’m a social drinker” becomes “he’s a lush”.

It catches nicely how the anti-Trump lobby wants to limit “fake news” so it only applies to people with whom they disagree.

Brendan O’Neill blasts back against Buzzfeed’s new dodgy dossier here:

“We now have a situation where mainstream media outlets call on Facebook to punish people who post links to stories that say ‘Hillary’s advisers operated a paedophile ring in a pizza restaurant’ while simultaneously spreading stories that say ‘Trump travelled to Moscow so he could get prostitutes to piss on Michelle Obama’s pillow’. “

Read the whole thing.

As a bonus, here’s Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds on the Democrats’ sudden interest in Putin-bashing:

“they didn’t get upset when Russia invaded Crimea; they didn’t throw down when Russia shot down a civilian airliner over Ukraine; but stealing John Podesta’s password via a phishing scam is apparently grounds for restarting the Cold War. Well, only one of these crimes constitutes a threat to Democrats’ political power.”

Read the whole thing.

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