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Steampunk Economics and the future of leisure

There’s something repellent about the Conservative Party’s new slogan “For Hardworking People”. I can’t agree with those critics who think it is an empty promise. It reflects the values in which David Cameron believes. It suits the social incentives he is seeking to construct. But while encouraging people to work for their own betterment is unquestionably good, when it comes from the mouth of government it is impossible not to scent cynicism. For hard work is not an end in itself for people – only for a state keen to live off their backs. Continue reading

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Exploring the Economics of God

What has Chicago got to do with Jerusalem? Economics and religion can seem an unlikely match. Yet these very different fields of human knowledge, each questing after its own set of slippery certainties, can inform one another. Continue reading

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Behind the debt ceiling madness lurks the insanity of an uncontrollable state

The world has gone mad. No, really. If ever there was a time for even the most sanguine of political analysts to throw up their hands in horror, this is it. Despite minor signs of reconciliation, the leaders of the world’s most powerful country are still steering it towards default pell-mell. Continue reading

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Brief can be beautiful when you’re trying to make your first billion – here’s why

Size isn’t everything. Some of the best ideas are short. But formal publication, beyond social media’s throwaway pithiness, is hopelessly garrulous. There should be more to judging the intellectual pastry than seeing how thin it can be rolled. Yet to be taken seriously, it seems thoughts today must first be eked out into essays and papers, then stretched again into books. Continue reading

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