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Pity and the professional politician

I love this time of year. It’s a shame politicians have to ruin it. The weather is cool and crisp but mild enough not to be winter-miserable, the year is running towards its end but there’s enough time left to get stuff finished first. Nature is filling all fruit with ripeness to the core – except at the party conferences, full of rotten ideas and plastic-wrapped smiles. Continue reading

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Computer games aren’t art: They are architecture

Computer games are serious business. Grand Theft Auto V took $800m (£497m) in 24 hours this week, a record-breaking achievement that rivals the success of blockbuster films. Warner Brothers’ Man of Steel, the third-best box office earner this year according to Variety, only took in $663m. Some are predicting sales for the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series as high as $1bn over the next year. Continue reading

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The key to effective action? Don’t view the world in those nifty shades of grey

Shades of grey are fashionable – and not just because of those kinky books. If there’s one ideal that the modern intellectual class likes to celebrate, to praise in students and respect in authority, it is a fine, discriminating eye for picking out the full spectrum of grey on any issue. Monochrome thought is for simpletons. Continue reading

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Ronald Coase: The unknown UK economist who quietly changed the world

Britain has lost a giant. Ronald Coase, the brilliant economist who shone new light on how and why companies form, died this week at the age of 102. It was too soon: his most influential paper was published half a century ago, but Coase remained sharp to the end, fighting for his countercultural approach. He launched a new journal, Man and the Economy, only last year. Continue reading

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