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Three reasons why I love America (apart from my wife)

BRITS have too little time for America. Perhaps it is lingering resentment at losing a colony. Perhaps it is the narcissism of minor differences. Either way, snobbery towards our transatlantic cousins is one of the few prejudices that remains politically correct – sneering at the land of gun rights, big burgers and blaring ads is practically a national sport.

I’m biased the other way, having married a tea-drinking American expat with a taste for European ecclesial architecture. But spending last weekend in Concord, Massachusetts for a friend’s wedding was a welcome reminder of three reasons America’s commercial republic still deserves Britain’s respect. Continue reading

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Abuse of power has given the Obama crusade shades of Richard Nixon

THE Obama administration trembled beneath the weight of scandal this week. Three shocking revelations saw a President who once promised hope and change compared instead to the disgraced Richard Nixon. Continue reading

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From Predator to Tacocopter: Why freeing technology from state control releases its peaceful potential

THERE’S nothing scary about having your takeaway delivered by a flying robot. No one lies awake at night because ordinary people are buying ceramic figurines based on their children’s drawings. Yet the extraordinary technologies that make these services real possibilities, drone aircraft and 3D printing, are becoming objects of fear in the public mind. The resulting scramble to regulate is in danger of cutting off two potential consumer revolutions before they even get started. Continue reading

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The beauty of competition is cooking up a storm on the nation’s TV screens

IT’S over. Masterchef, my guilty joy after a long day at the editorial coalface, is gone for another year. While my wife has rolled her eyes at the bombast, the dawdling pace and the new slimline Gregg Wallace (“is he sick?”), I delighted in every overwrought chopping sequence, every disappointed sigh from John Torode, and every preposterous musical sting. Continue reading

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