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Time to renegotiate our relationship with Westminster

DAVID Cameron’s promised referendum on Europe will be the first in my lifetime, which began the year after the 1975 vote to remain in the Common Market. So to me the Prime Minister’s new commitment for a vote feels like both a victory and a defeat. It is a historic decision: after more than four decades (the vote still won’t happen until after 2015), the British public will issue a verdict on its relationship with the EU. It is also a national embarrassment: our democratic deficit is so vast that our elected elites have not dared to put their decisions on Europe to the vote since the fall of Saigon. Continue reading

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As the fat lady sings for HMV, the internet is helping build a better future

It has been a week of crushing victories for the internet. It continues to claim victims among retail firms blindsided by the web’s 24/7 stores, with their limitless inventories and weightless products. With thousands of jobs on the line, and hundreds of shops at risk of closure, it would be easy to see the change as a bad thing. Continue reading

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Politicians – They’re Not Gr-r-reat!

Two weeks into my New Year’s resolution and it’s already time to admit that it’s not going well. At least I can take some comfort in the knowledge that the coalition hasn’t lived up to its promises either, missing 70 election pledges according to its mid-term audit. When I fail to hit my weekly target for gym visits, only my waistline suffers. When David Cameron and Nick Clegg fail to deliver, the country finds itself brought to the lip of a triple-dip recession, with familiar retail names apparently falling by the day. Continue reading

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