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Celebrate the open power of the 2012 Olympic truces on tax and visas

THE Olympic flame is making its way around the length and breadth of Britain, a vivid symbol of one of the key values of the ancient Games: freedom of movement. Before the games at Olympia, a truce was declared so that officials and athletes could make their way to the Games without hindrance or legal dispute. It’s an approach we still need today and it’s a shame that one of the more tangible forms in which its spirit lives on doesn’t get more attention: the legal relaxations that accompany the modern Games. Continue reading

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Character matters today more than ever – but in business it always has

DOES Britain need to reform its character? According to a new centre being formed at the University of Birmingham, and launched this week at the House of Lords, emphatically so. The Jubilee Centre of Character and Values, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, has a mission of developing character in our schools and in our wider national life, including companies. Continue reading

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The untamed imagination remains at the heart of true business success

MAURICE Sendak, the groundbreaking author of Where The Wild Things Are died this week, leaving the world a tamer place. Sendak wrote books for children, but his influence has been far wider and deeper, reaching from Spike Jonze’s recent blockbuster film to many adult authors. His art was distinguished by both courage and originality. He refused, above all, to sugarcoat the experience of childhood. The result was a body of work with a wild strangeness at its heart –a useful reminder to all of us that the world is less tame than the images we tend to make of it. Continue reading

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Everyone is building an app – but it’s not that easy to be like Facebook

YOU know there’s a stock market bubble when the shoeshine boy starts giving you stock tips. In the same way, I can’t help but think there’s plenty of froth in digital right now, because everyone I know is building an app. Continue reading

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