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The Long March: How the left won the culture war and what to do about it (NCF, 2020; £10)

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How does culture shape political power?

Many Conservatives now fear that victory at the ballot box is not enough. Despite Boris Johnson’s triumph in the 2019 election, they sense that a larger cultural battle has been lost. Some accuse the left of mounting a secret, slow-motion takeover, inspired by the ideas of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci – the ‘long march through the institutions’.

This very timely book uncovers the truth: a tangled history in which active subversion runs alongside unintended consequences and missed opportunities. Armed with a clearer understanding of the left’s long march, it also reveals new possibilities for fighting back.

“While everyone was distracted by Saul Alinsky, it turned out the real action was Antonio Gramsci.” Cafe Hayek blog, July 2, 2020

“… you might be interested in a new book by rising British star of the right Marc Sidwell”Instapundit, August 18, 2020

“The academy is lefty, the media is lefty, Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter are lefty, the professionalized sciences are lefty, especially in the apex of academics, of officialdom, and so on. What Marc Sidwell calls “the Blob” is dominant in these domains”

Daniel B Klein, Covid Fail by Elites and Stooges, American Institute for Economic Research, September 21, 2020

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Here’s a reading of the first chapter:

Here’s a five-minute summary of the book’s argument:

Here’s a very generous review from The Critic magazine: Mapping The Blob

Marc Sidwell’s timely and forceful book, published by a well-known think tank, […] draws together much evidence that we half knew but shied away from acknowledging, and identifies its interconnectedness. It is a map of the Blob.

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